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Our Guides And Staff

Bolivian Mountain Guides UIAGM/IFMGA, we believe that our incredible guides and staff are the foundation of our programs. All of our guides are native of the Andes, highly skilled Aymaras who have been selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, careful judgement, patient and great personalities.

Bolivian mountain guides are Internationally Certified Guides IFMGA/UIAGM, representing the highest standard of training for professional mountain guides. All of our guides hold current Bolivian Mountain guide certification and are proficient in technical rescue and evacuation skills.

On a Bolivian Journeys expedition, you can be sure of being led by the best and most professional leaders in the business. We provide the most experienced and dedicated guides available in Bolivia , high altitude porters and safe drivers for all of our trips.

For decades Aymaras have been an integral part of international Andean climbing, they are the people you must have on the summit. We´ve seen some international expeditions where both guides and clients were struggling with the altitude. Our guides were born over 4,000 m (13,120 ft) , so they have a natural adaptation to the altitude.


MARCO SORIA - Our Founder

Bolivian Journeys was founded 18 years ago by Marco Antonio Soria, who had worked for more than 5 years as a free-lance guide for international companies. So Marco is the founder, tour organizer and sometimes mountain guide for Bolivian Journeys. He is native of La Paz, graduate of University in Business Administration; as a result of his travels and studies, Marco is fluent in English, German, French, Portuguese and of course Spanish. Backpacker, hiker and mountain climber since he was a child, he began guiding in 1987 and has led courses and guided climbs in the Cordillera Real, Apolobamba and Quimsa Cruz; ascents throughout South America with new routes and first ascents in Bolivia. Marco is active member of the Bolivian Andean Club and The Association of Bolivian Mountain Guides.






He has an outstanding reputation as a leader and guide, he has summited the highest mountain on each range in Bolivia and has guided well over thirty climbs on Sajama 6,550 m (21,484 ft). Along with numerous highly successful guided expeditions to the highests peaks in Bolivia, Eulogio has 100% success on Huayna Potosi and has lost count of the amount of times he has led climbers atop this mountain. His determined manner is always an inspiration on summit day.

"Very professional, clearly experienced and very good". Greg Neuman. Illampu 2014






Hilarion spent most of his childhood in Tuni, a little village in the Cordillera Real where his prowess and love for mountaineering were developed. In his seven years of guiding, he has led over 100 expeditions to Huayna Potosi, and has guided successful expeditions on every mountain in Bolivia. A charismatic leader, Hilarion has climbed extensively throughout the Cordillera Real, Apolobamba and Quimsa Cruz Range. For the past three years, Hilarion has done a number of personal climbs in the bolivian Ranges. His sense of humor makes him one of our most well-loved guides.

"Excellent guide - nice guy, excellent patience and inspired confidence." . Paul Robinson. Illimani 2014






Luis has amassed hundreds of ascents, he holds the record of multiple guided ascents of Illimani 6,439 m (21,120 ft), he has an outstanding reputation for leading safe and successful trips. Some of his personal highlights include: first guided ascent of Huayna Potosi�s west face, multiple guided trips to Illampu wich is considered to be the hardest mountain in the Cordillera Real, Illimani�s south face and some first ascents in the Andes. Luis has spent the better part of his life up high; he was raised in the Andes and has been a mountain guide for almost a decade.

"I climbed with him and he knows what he does". James Sievers. Sajama 2014






The friendly Donato or "Stallone" is our main driver, born near to Illimani, he's been driving for about 10 years on difficult routes. He's got always a smile on his face. He led our 4x4 expedition to the Amazon basin in 2014.

"the best driver I've ever had, he took us by terrible roads, even on snow. He is just amazing, he deserves the Camel Trophy" Cindy Smith. Chachacomani 2014.





NOELIA HOYOS - Operations Manager

A truly remarkable person and friend, we are honored to have her on our team. She manages the day-to-day operations. Noelia runs much of the behind the scene operations, she is responsible for overseeing our operations, accounting, menus, along with customer service, are all under her care. Her charming manner, adds a wonderful element to our office.






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Marco Soria


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